Body Skin Scrapping Massage Stick

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Body skin scrapping massage is not just a extremely soothing and relaxation massage. It is medically proven that body skin scrapping massage can generally helps to:

- Treat Hepatitis BB
- Treat Migraines
- Treat Tourette's syndrome
- Treat Neck, shoulder, back and body pain
- Treat Muscle and bone pain 
- Treat insomnia and improves sleep problem 
- Reduce stress
- Helps to make breastfeeding easier 

The round shaped scrappers are made of 100% beech tree wood which are hard enough to give you a comfortable and soothing scrap massage. 
There are 2 colors available. Dark brown and light brown color. Dark brown is when the wooden beech massage stick went through high temperature heating process to get a nicer dark brown color. Light brown color are natural 100% beech tree color. Both colors massage sticks are still made with same 100% beech tree wood and have no differences in terms of function as they have the same hardness. 
Here are some ways you can use the body skin scrapping massage wood sticks:

1) For the back:  Apply massage oil on massage stick. First use the concave surface from top to bottom, each time in the same direction. Then use the convex surface to scrape the spine. Constantly doing this reduce back, spine and muscle back pain.

2) For the abdomen:  Apply massage oil on massage stick. Massage from top to bottom of the abdomen, make sure you massage the entire abdomen. Be gentle in massaging and do not go too hard. Massage at least 3 days a week. It is medically proven that massaging the abdomen frequently can treat a lot of abdomen issues including constipation.

3) For the legs: Apply massage oil on massage stick.  Starting from the knee, down, only in the same direction each time. Massage gently from top to bottom. Constantly doing this can reduce leg and knee pain, and also improve blood circulation.

4) For the shoulder and neck: Apply massage oil to the stick. From top to bottom, the action frequency should be slow and consistent, not too fast, do not massage too hard. The gentle movement can help healthy rate of blood circulation to the head, shoulder and neck.

5. Use the tip of the massage stick to gently press your body for a relaxing and soothing massage experience.