Hidden Camera Detector - Protect Your Privacy

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Style: 1.0 Detector


Color: Onyx Black


Empowering Your Privacy

Seize Unparalleled Reassurance: Swiftly Scan Entire Rooms with the anti-spy camera Detector by HypeFinity. Experience Instant Alerts as it Detects Cameras, Listening Devices, GPS Trackers, and More. Empower Your Privacy Like Never Before.

How Does It Work?

Empowered by its cutting-edge technology our device can skillfully detects electromagnetic frequencies emitted by a wide range of wired & Bluetooth devices. This Includes hidden cameras, GPS trackers, & insidious bugs. Our detector also provides enhanced visibility to spot camera lens reflections, leaving no corner unchecked.

Discreet Packaging

Our commitment to your security extends beyond the device itself. Our Anti-Spy Hidden camera detector offers a silent mode, ensuring its operation remains completely discreet. You can scan your surroundings without drawing any attention, maintaining your peace of mind and privacy.

What’s included

- 1x Anti-spy hidden camera detector 

-Type C Charger

- Manual