Protective Leather Salve™

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Material: Salve + Free Brush


🛋️ Revive Your Furniture: Bring your worn-out furniture back to life with this furniture and leather salve. It's like a spa treatment for your favorite chair or sofa. Just a small dab of this salve can make leather and wood feel smooth and look shiny again.

🌿 Furniture Care: Packed with the best ingredients, this salve is gentle on your furniture. Use it to protect, polish, and feed your furniture without harsh chemicals. It's care that you can feel good about.

🖌️ Easy Application: The salve comes with its own brush for an easy, even application. No mess, no fuss – just dip the brush in and spread it over your furniture. It’s that simple to give your pieces a quick refresh with a fresh scent.

Package Info:
Furniture Leather Salve & Brush 
Size: Product: 8.3*8.3*3.5(cm), Brush: 7.5*2(cm)